Destiny, a poem written by mdtaslim, a mining engineer at



written by: mdtaslim


We all believe in destiny
Do we know our own?
We become angry when cheated
When we cheat?
Broken hearts, bleeding ego
Do we try to think for a moment?
In our glory we forget everything
After ecstasy?
Life is simple
We make it complex
She asked why do we live?
I was wordless
I asked her what is love?
She said convenience
It became complex
Even death is a business
They claim they will make the last journey
Is it so simple?
Pandit says I will show you
Path of salvation
We start following the follower
We start seeking from seekers
It becomes complex.
Life is simple
She took destitute, hungry, forgotten
To her place
Fed them
Cared for them
Provided them shelter
Warmth of a house
Radiance of her own being
She was called mother
She was an ordinary person
Of ordinary look
Her name was Teresa
She became mother Teresa
A radiant, glowing, beautiful soul
What is extraordinary?
Extra among ordinary but
When get united becomes extraordinary
Simplicity, kindness, Humility, love, and care makes one extraordinary
How simple is life?
We make it complex
We all believe in destiny
Do we know our own?



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