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Destiny Writes

written by: Bilquis Fatima


Holding her invisible pen in hand
Destiny incessantly writes
Scripts and speeches of million kinds
Making life a miraculous mirage.

Sometimes hail sometimes flower
Fate on me too showers.
Living each day, I look no further.
For I know someone else holds the rudder.

Blessings I welcome with open hands
Miseries I accept with folded hands.
In spite of my best effort fate steers my path
Rewarding me though with an alternate path.

Chained by destiny yet the bird in me
Flutters its wings to touch the sky.
I pray patiently for a miracle to loom
And deliver me the valley of blissful bloom.

Bilquis Fatima

Bilquis Fatima

Bilquis Fatima, a lover of nature and speaker for social issues, has allowed her feelings to be expressed as short writes and speeches from her college time. Though being a post graduate in Chemistry has also mastered the skills of poetry writing with her book POETIC AROMA being published in 2018.
Bilquis Fatima

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