Dialogue of The Unborn, poetry by Monica St Hillaire at Spillwords.com
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Dialogue of The Unborn

Dialogue of The Unborn

written by: Monica St Hillaire



Can you hear me?
Well, I surely feel you.
Every part of you consumes me.
My heart is full and I have come full circle,
I carry life; happy is the womb.
I’ll bend my back for you, literally…
Your touch is definitely like no other.
These flutters I feel,
My unseen sign that you are okay.
Feel free move, day or night and in between…
I am ready to receive you in this form.
I have seen your face a thousand times,
Your smile, countless pictures in my head.
To make sense how I can love someone,
I have never met… a mystery.
Your first lesson; you will outgrow these arms of mine,
But I will always carry you here, in my heart.
I know you sense this every day,
The way it is intended to be.
I am a lady in waiting; prepared for bearing,
The most precious gift ever given to me.
Yes little one… you’re the jewel on my crown.
The day I hold you in my arms is just the beginning,
You will feel my love coursing through like a ray of sunlight…
In your young existence you will absorb,
The power of a mother’s love.
So, until that last grain of sand slides down the hourglass,
I am going to bask in this glory.
And I will wait.
See you soon…

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