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Different Versions Of Me

Different Versions of Me

written by: Jessikalynn1980



I once was young
Just like you.
I had dreams
I hoped would come true.

I once enjoyed the feel of wind
gently blowing on my face.
And all of lifes tiny treasures
That make one’s heart race.

I once worried about fashion
and the latest style.
I thought I had it all
at least for a little while.

Then age crept upon me
and stole my youth over night.
I couldn’t be alone anymore
Try as I might.

Now I lay here
Confined to a bed
With nothing but thoughts
To fill my head.

Now I watch
As you enter the door
and tap your foot
impatiently on the floor.

You ask what it is
I need this time
and scowl as if
I committed a crime.

I voice my need
You roll your eyes
and state you have to get help
With a tone of despise.

While I await your return
I recall
Once upon a time
I did not need you at all.

I once could take care of myself
To my own appeal
No worries then of people treating me
As though I could not feel.

I once was
Just like you
Wanting to get my eight in
And be through.

I once thought
Caring was just a chore
Now I know
It was something more!

Now that I need help
I can clearly see
Those “Old People” were
Different versions of ME!!



To those of us that work in Health Care the meaning of this problem is probably clear. To those of you who think I am just ranting that is not the case. The moral of the poem is basically to do unto others as you would have them to do unto you. Never forget the power of caring. This poem is dedicated to all nursing home residents and Health Care workers. Remember to take care of your patients as if you would be taking care of yourself because you could be in their shoes some day.

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