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Dilemmas Of The Heart

Dilemmas Of The Heart

written by: Bozena Helena Mazur-Nowak


Each night I return to those green fields
To the fragrant linden trees, willows with the outstretched arms
I count, up there in the sky, storks arriving with the Spring
And in my mind, I circle around my grandmother’s cottage

I listen to the brook babbling in the morning
And to grandfather’s violin playing in the evening
I bring my entreaties to the roadside chapel,
To allow the pilgrim to return with a bowed head

Each night, I return from a distant land,
To where you can hear the wonders of Chopin’s playing
To the fragrant fields of Mickiewicz’s stanzas
‘Dabrowski’s Mazurka’ will remain in the heart

And our flag, once blood-soaked
Now flutters proudly in the sun under the blue sky
It will always be a reminder to wandering Poles
Of the reason, our Grandfathers sacrificed their lives

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