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Dirty Blue Sky

written by: RhymeRula



She felt the skies swell and clouds that held memories crowd against her
Admiring her brand new denim jeans
Contemplating on whether to tear the seams
to show off her knees
Relaxing on the edge of her car Unfazed by the change in weather
Winds howling with unrelenting pressure
to undress her mid-pose
The resolution becomes clearer
A queen at heart
but would rather have the world
see it on her arm
Above the earth
Never settling for being called down to it
Unbothered with when or where
That’s why she chose to model
Under a cold dirty blue sky
right after a storm



I find words are my specialty and it has been ever since I took a creative writing class when I was attending community college. I perceive poetry as strength of mine and it allows me to be creative off the cuff sometimes without even writing anything down and that’s why I find it a pleasurable hobby. I create poems out of topics that spontaneously come into my mind, and I think it’s helped me not only become efficient with my writing but getting my point across. Anyways I digress if you’re into poetry and storytelling check out what I have to offer and hopefully it’ll make you think, smile, or just appreciate this type of art.

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