Disparagement, poem by Sheri M. Stewart at Spillwords.com
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written by: Sheri M. Stewart


You want to see me fight?
Strike at my pride
but swing with all your might,
for much better than you have tried.

Don’t simply aim to maim.
Hit me hard, I know this game.

Depression is my best-known foe
but even he can’t keep me low.
On his heels: mania, paranoia, anxiety
but even they can’t beat me.

Reproach, stigma, shame,
heap it on, I know this game.

Tell me that you’re just concerned
as you dig for tidbits to use.
I know better. I have learned.
You are simply lighting my fuse.

Burrow, sift, search in vain.
Keep it up, I know this game.

Add on sanctioned poverty
because mental illness isn’t work.
Say I don’t add to society.
Paint me a lazy jerk.

Indifference, intolerance, blame
throw it around, I know this game.

Bottom line, I won’t stay down
and I don’t care what you say.
I wear hardship like a crown
and I beat all you throw my way.

Defiant, arrogant, can’t be tamed,
You won’t beat me, I know this game.

Sheri M. Stewart

Sheri M. Stewart

I am interested in and fascinated by so many things in the world around me. I am a dreamer and a lover. I endure great pain and sadness. I am bi-polar. I have learned to embrace the many facets of who I am. I chose to view my illness as just another part of what makes me unique. I write as a form of self-expression and art. I share in the hopes that others can identify with my writing and know they are not alone.
Sheri M. Stewart

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