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written by: Eric Roberts



She came by the store again today
And my heart soared
As i stared out of my box
And my gaze fell upon her beauty
She wasn’t dragging that old toy anymore
As I leapt with joy
That today may be the day where I will find an owner
And no longer admired from a shelf,
She walked over,
Opened me up and pulled me out.
She smiled.
God, was her smile just perfect
But suddenly the air became violent
My arms lost control
And here I was spiraling
Her face became more distant the further I fell,
And I slammed the floor with a ferocity to shake the building
I turned and looked to see why
Why after all this she just discarded me
But I didn’t wonder for long
As I saw her pick up her old raggedy
Dilapidated toy
So i climbed back up to my shelf
Struggled to pull my cage shut
And went back on display

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