Distant Reality, poetry by Roshni Kapoor at Spillwords.com
Sage Friedman

Distant Reality

Distant Reality

written by: Roshni Kapoor


Tiny as I am, a speck of dust
In a world so big, lost in the throng
Madness all o’er, and a few be just
They say their god’s right, yours wrong

Silent as I am, quiet and tender
A tiny thought in me, a plea to be heard
Nameless and foolish, yet I ponder
Creator or the creation, who’s to be saved

Mortal as I am, dew on the grass,
Shining like a gem, awaiting the day to light
My time is near, I feel the rays
My words I surrender before I melt

The Wise doth know, their words so sayeth
Stop this fury, just lend your ears
Lift your gaze, for there lies the truth
Our gods are here, right within us.

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