Diving Deep, a poem written by ReBecca DeFazio at Spillwords.com

Diving Deep

Diving Deep

written by: ReBecca DeFazio



There is something peaceful
about burying my feet
in the sand. Laying back;
piecing together
the constellations.
Where do you belong?
Which galaxy is yours?
Which do you prefer?
Speaking to them gently;
reminding myself that
this could be what love is like…
gentle caresses and thoughtful words.

I sit on the shore
begging Jelly fish to
come out and play;
“sting me and let me feel
some pain” because not
everything can be sunsets
and hard kisses against harder walls.

I beg for conversations that never
happen and I wish that you could
see the starfish that crawl
from my brain, down my spine,
down to my thighs…connecting
everything that makes me who I am.
They whisper stories for me to
tell and so, I write them down.

Mermaids call out to me
in the middle of the night
making me uneasy;
knowing I could never live
on the ocean and keep
you here with me.
You hate the sand almost
as much as you
hate your mother’s hands.
I wish I could understand
but even with all her flaws
I can’t help but love her still.
Mother’s womb; maybe the
only place that I ever could
feel small without feeling weak.
Maybe, small is what I need to be;
diving to depths unusually deep…
maybe, that’s why we can’t be.

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