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Diving Deep

written by: ReBecca DeFazio



There is something peaceful
about burying my feet
in the sand. Laying back;
piecing together
the constellations.
Where do you belong?
Which galaxy is yours?
Which do you prefer?
Speaking to them gently;
reminding myself that
this could be what love is like…
gentle caresses and thoughtful words.

I sit on the shore
begging Jelly fish to
come out and play;
“sting me and let me feel
some pain” because not
everything can be sunsets
and hard kisses against harder walls.

I beg for conversations that never
happen and I wish that you could
see the starfish that crawl
from my brain, down my spine,
down to my thighs…connecting
everything that makes me who I am.
They whisper stories for me to
tell and so, I write them down.

Mermaids call out to me
in the middle of the night
making me uneasy;
knowing I could never live
on the ocean and keep
you here with me.
You hate the sand almost
as much as you
hate your mother's hands.
I wish I could understand
but even with all her flaws
I can't help but love her still.
Mother's womb; maybe the
only place that I ever could
feel small without feeling weak.
Maybe, small is what I need to be;
diving to depths unusually deep…
maybe, that’s why we can’t be.

ReBecca DeFazio

ReBecca DeFazio

Poet and writer with an attitude problem. If missing, usually found at Starbucks. Also, vegan, wife, mother (bio and adoptive).
I've been writing poetry and fiction since I was a little girl, and, now that I'm all grown up, I try to use writing to cope with my anxiety and general life stress. My mission is to share open and honest poetry that is inclusive and helps spread awareness on topics that deserve more time in the light of day such as mental health, self-care, and the hardships that go along with being a mother, wife, and female in this world.
ReBecca DeFazio

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