Donnie The Craw, a poem by Clive Grewcock at

Donnie The Craw

Donnie The Craw

written by: Clive Grewcock


Donnie the Craw headin’ thro’ the teemin rain
on marcat day wi’ his hungert dog an’ coorie cane.
A length o’ ragg’d twine ta haud
his breeks roun his scrawny frame.

Collectin’ his messages pil’d to a bonnie hicht
wi” nocht a penny ta see the licht
oot o’ the darkness o’ Donnie’s ticht pooch.
Donnie gies a smile an’ a promise
an’ his messages are in his poke by nicht.

On the daurk path hame
the Craw grac’d the Auld Red Hen
wi’ a hoolie o’ tales an’ gaffaw
on a drouthy nicht wi’ nocht a penny in haun.

Donnie bocht a flow o’ drams till closin’ time
payin’ wi’ his messages ment fae hame
then led stottin’ up the path
haudin on tae dog an’ baler twine.

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