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Don’t Be Seen

Don’t Be Seen

written by: Alan David Gould


Don’t take the chance; please don’t be seen
All Hallows Eve on Halloween
for things exist that may appear
and they might craft a trick of fear
Your heart is in your spleen

You’re older now, but not immune
to scary things in darkest night
They might instill black light
(And I am not a loon:
You may find that I’m right)

There’s Voodoo and there’s chicken feet
There’s dolls and pins, weird things to eat
There’s toothlike corn and other candy
(And my name is not Randy)
There’s stuff you should delete

Bear this in mind, you think you know
yet you are pure as driven snow
You need beware; you need take care
Be careful as you go

It’s likely me and she that quake
and give us both a stomachache
But still fair warning, heed my drift
Avoid the spooks, avoid the kooks,
Avoid the fearful rift

Don’t venture out and don’t be seen
this evening of all Halloween
For trick or treat may turn to trick
and you may see a candle wick
and you are still a teen!

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