Don't Hold It Tight, by mdtaslim, a mining engineer at

Don’t Hold It Tight

Don’t Hold It Tight

written by: mdtaslim


If you will hold it tight
It will slip quickly from your hand
If you will hold appropriately
It will stay long
It is true not only for sand but
For life and relationship
People always like your show off
He only likes your inner self
It is simply impossible to hide
Anything from him
Never forget
If it is his darkness then
It will go away but
If it is darkness created by you by your
Negative vibes and negative attitude then
It will not go away
Try to walk along a river and see the pebbles
You will hardly find sharp edges
Think and let your ego go
Self respect and ego are different
Love is timeless
It never gets old
Beauty enthralls
It simply takes one out of this world
For a time being
It is a bliss to be felt only
This place where we are living
Belongs to our children
We don’t have the right to spoil it
No one ever wins by use of force
It is only love
Which changes everything
Time never waits for anyone
Once gone is gone forever
Do good today
You will get back your investment
Who is more intelligent
You or him?
Don’t hold it tightly
Clothes never make you beautiful
It covers your beauty
You are born beautiful
You are born gold
You become trash in due course of life
You destroyed yourself
You become pathetic miserable self
Kudos for your journey to your success
We seldom like a real hero but
We always go mad for copycats
This is our truth
Believe whatever belongs to you
Will be yours
What may?
The choice is squarely yours
Don’t try to be rigid.
You can never be final because
Your thought is not universal
Let his airflow in your mind and soul.



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