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Don’t Let Them Shine Their Lights

Don’t let them shine their lights

written by: Gretl Feeson



Take these words and make of them what you will
For this sweetest of treasure belongs to me and me alone
Stuck up here on my sun trap balcony
In blissful harmony with nature’s tranquil choir
It is a scene that taught me what it is to wonder —
Yet I have stood through storms of riotous thunder
Watched all my dreams get blown away
Loved ones set their sails to leave far from memory bay
As white turns to grey then to black
Growth itself appeared so rich yet being alone’s the prize
I plead with darkness to shield me now, keep me free
Please don’t let them shine their lights down upon me

I clambered up toward this so called mountains peak
Trying to break myself free from all the vandals of life
Away, away! I cried out, Scoot! Be gone!
Living in my own shadow yet no shackles on an ego
Lost in a mist of trepidation
Lost soul and heart with information
To be liked or not to be liked
What gives you the right
Invasive, persuasive, they’re coming to see
Please, don’t let them shine their lights down upon me

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