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written by: Dilip Mohapatra



Someone had said
life is not about
how many breaths
you take
but about those exquisite moments that take
your breaths away.

It’s not about the sounds
that you make
to make
your presence felt
but the intermittent silences that
intoxicate you
overpower you
make you
discover the songs within.

It’s not all about righteousness
and commandments
and the stark and stoic
but a little bit of sin
a little bit of imperfection
a little bit of mischief
also a little bit of dust in your eyes
in a sanitized room
that makes it what it is.

It’s not about the continuities
the predictability
that tells you what
is in store in the days to come by
but about those uncertainties
and discontinuities that
make it a worthwhile existence
defined by those
ubiquitous yet unseen
dots and dashes.

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