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Double Seal Eclipse

written by: Precibus



On the 13th of February, it was set to end
Only bringing new beginnings
Because you see, my friend
Prediction that the thing would erupt
Was only a countdown. I must call your bluff.
As Fate's close companion, I release all control
I have as much of a hand as I would a dice roll
Mastermind behind the eyes, you blind others with your deeds
Calling out weaknesses, you planted your seeds
My aim was quite different, I came in peace
I wanted to experience this "love" and you gave it a disease
Vector of plague, you chose your path
And I had to deal with the aftermath
Take your prize you so fairly won
It was yours before our fight had begun
I have only one query, have you had your fun?
The sun and I retire, and the night you bring is young
I only wanted a rose, but you ripped up the garden
I have no more pity, from me you'll receive no pardon
I was so willing to give you my blessing
But now there is something much more pressing
When Fate takes away, it has something to give
Heavy as my heart be, I find a new reason to live
The rose meant for me has yet to have grown
Deeper than yours are the seeds I've sown
I rest in peace under the layers of ash
I'm afraid no longer, but madly you dash
Gloat, please, make friends with the ghost
Of the love you seem to have wanted most
Quietly, I revolutionize and fly
No more secrets from me will you pry
If Fate doesn't call me, then I have no desire
I embrace my new path and let the old expire



26, just finding my voice. One day I hope to study music and be a professional lyricist. I like to develop my personal mythology to describe life, and relate to old mythology too.

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