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written by: Natasha Karamanli


"Lend me a dream", she said.
I suffocate on nightmares,
hardly do I stay alive.
Over the rainbow I flew
I gazed at angry eyes, shattered as glass,
melting between red borders.
As my breath kneeled before their pain
the clouds grabbed me by the throat.
Imprisoned in their silence
I managed to survive.
"Then what is it that you still don’t know?" He asked,
spinning shadowy dreams in the air.
"There might be happiness,
there might be kindness.
Circles of youngsters laughing
over a red balloon.
I need to seek; I need to dream of this."
"Turn your head against the wind.
Does it echo of children’s joy?
Of hope? Of justice?
Listen to the whispering wishes.
Open your eyes to the truth.
All is heard is their grief,
the fear on their scarred palms.
What dream can I spare you,
that won’t reek of sorrow?
I’m just a dream-maker.
My task is to release them
as inspired by your conscience.
Leave now and dare to dream no more."

Natasha Karamanli

Natasha Karamanli

My name is Natasha Karamanli. Highly tempered by nature and Geography, (I am Greek you see) my writing reflects the variety of feelings that possess me. Poetry and fiction, short stories and theatrical plays, are the means to express my inner soul and the world around me. It’s not a cause to win, but to reveal the beauty of words. So much beauty, yet so little time to spread it.
My C.V. holds seven prizes so far and three published books, the teens’ novel and the collection of short stories based on one of my blogs. In addition I have a participation in an anthology called “Terror”, and a forthcoming participation in an anthology of poetry. My latest book carries two titles and two covers: “Sunday’s blues” & ”Eavesdropper”.
I am a founding member of “The shelf of love” a not-for-profit society, that establishes bookshelves for carriers in which patients suffering from chronic diseases receive care and treatment. I also belong to “The open minds” think tank foundation, that has three directional aiming, promote and discuss -different economic models, creative thinking, critical thinking.
Natasha Karamanli

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