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Dreams And Thoughts

Dreams and Thoughts

written by: Shubhanshu Shrivastava



I stood on the verge,
To delve deeper in that dream,
Holding you in my arms,
In those sensuous eyes, beholden’ that gleam.
That thick mist of longing,
That tangle and binds,
Like the serpent of lust that,
Enshrines it with love, entwined.

I look thee in the eyes,
And see that great crime,
For which I cannot touch but think,
Of these unjust chains that bind.
But I can break these bonds,
And come; take this soul to you,
In that most befitting fashion,
Kneel, and hand it to you.

Yet these mortal ways,
This selfish self, that says
‘nay’ to love but ‘yay’ to riches.
For who wants the pain,
That I’ve always got, after
That deepest wound, that love always bought.
But what of this heart?
That sees not, thinks not,
But just wants,
To “fall in love” and “try again once”,
Is all it commands.
And thus I lay in my wake,
Dreaming, about the damsel,
But always, stopping the thought.

I caress that face, lay
Happily upon that bosom,
And in those lustrous eyes forever gaze.
I take you to the woods,
And on the mountainside we sit,
Holding hands like no future stood.
I fondle that face,
And that kiss so sublime,
That there will lay no deceit,
No untruth of that passion of mine.
But what can I say more,
For I wake after that little lifetime,
Encased within the dream,
Not in the sober thoughts of mine.

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