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Drink of These Waters

Drink of these waters

written by: Don Knowles



I fill this red clay urn for you daily
Filled with clean crisp spring waters
Moisture that drip drips dripping serenely
Of my hidden Forrest spring
taking care not to spill one drop
Softly thanking the source of this vital gift
varying times when I fill the vessel to its brim
So as not to deny you a taste of its refreshing waters
My intent is not to startle your fevered fragility
I see traces of your clandestine visits
Tentative footprints placed in Amber sand
taffeta patterns formed on the surface
By the oils in your sweat drenched skin
I take care never neglecting this solemn ritual
Feral is your heart
I mean only to nurture its pulse
As this day approaches its zenith
I celebrate my placid enduring pilgrimage
To this porous red clay urn
Come refresh and rest yourself
In your time



Water is the most serene and necessary parts of life. This is for those where depression has taken them temporarily from those that love them.

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