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Dust and Memories

written by: Natalia Aeschliman



This house feels empty
Yet so full of memories
I remember every corner
Every dream ever dreamt
On that dusty sofa
I remember the twirls
I remember
Memories of those days
Where childhood
Seemed like it would never end
Counting my years left to freedom
Only to grow up
And wish I could've held on
A little longer
Papers and dreams
Unfinished journals
Where I wrote you every night
To remain unread
Unseen by the daylight
Nothing but a ghost left
In This empty room
That empty closet
Still smells like you
Your hand big around mine
Your face shinning and new
You descended from the stars
Into my stab wound
Of hope, shimmer and glimmering nights
Of thunder
Of rain
Such a parasite
The gardens have died
The grass has held still
The trees are bent
And in this silence
I hear you
Feel you
Call you
Yet what remains
Is what the fire never destroyed
The piece of you in me
In this haunted house
I am the haunted
I can never leave
As a moth in the light
As my last heartbeat
Only to be what I shall
Only to remain in your dreams.

Natalia Aeschliman

Natalia Aeschliman

MAY 2016 AUTHOR OF THE MONTH at Spillwords.com
My name is Natalia, I was born in Puerto Rico. I live a very simple life with my husband and 2 beautiful kids.
I keep my heart humble, and my words beautifully vulnerable.
I write because it is in my soul.
I write because I don't know how to live without it.
There's something beautiful that only poetry can create in your soul.
Natalia Aeschliman

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