Dying of The Night, poetry by Wayne Jermin at Spillwords.com
Simon Infanger

Dying of The Night

Dying of The Night

written by: Wayne Jermin



In the silence of the morning,
As the waves land upon the shore,
A crash of thunder rolls across the skies,
And nothing seems to matter any more.
Just before the sunrise,
When the stars are almost out of sight,
I take my place upon the edge of the world,
And watch the dying of the night.
The new day carries new hope,
A plethora of colours paint the azure,
Distant illuminations begin to disappear,
And sunlight breaks the horizon more and more.
I move along the rocky terrain,
And gaze along the shoreline,
The signing birds fill the quiet background,
And calmness surrounds my erratic mind.
The darkness has now been diluted,
There’s a feeling of overwhelming might,
The birth of a beautiful, brand new day,
Starts, with the dying of the night.

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