Echoes From The Grave, a poem by Olusegun M. Lawal at

Echoes From The Grave

Echoes From The Grave

written by: Olusegun M. Lawal


Listen gently my lovely flower
For I deem it fit to wither through the time.
Silencing the voice of the voiceless
Should you grow to a mighty tree

The advice like a locust bean
Smells awful but a sweet vegetable.
Master the art of love from the old and young.
Should you live to be remembered.

Gazing gently from the breeze
Moving slowly into the past
The heart of days is ripe and big
Dig the dark and create the light

Many a man that scattered
Thousands and thirties that matter
Pain of joy that is cloudy.
Their visit must end with a smile.

Your joy is their happiness
Your sorrow is your own
For the pain in your body
Must not be felt by anybody

Full flowers flow in the street
Take your time and drum the beat
Eyes that scattered all over the road
Look them gently, and pass.

If you run, you end it there
If you are slow, it will meet you there
Life will come with his swollen pill
But you know there is always a way.

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