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Elusive Love

Elusive Love

written by: Kelly Osman



The desire we felt for each other,
Lust in our eyes, euphoria in our hearts,
Suddenly a change, we need to part,
Out of my control, I don’t want to leave.
Years have past, my heart has ached,
You’ve moved on, I no longer hear a thing.
Across the water, my palace stands,
Grand and strong, the light shines brightly,
You don’t know I’m here, I’m watching over you.
We meet again, our hearts connect once more,
Your face glistens, I caress your soft skin,
We’re the only two people in the world.
There is another, why did this happen to me?
You’re meant to be mine, the decision is yours.
My body is waiting, my heart is open,
Your confusion is terrifying me.
Why did I have to go away?
Why didn’t we fight for what we had?
You never realised, I was always across the water,
I will keep you in my heart,
Forever, I am no more.

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