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written by: Fallen Engel



Veil of black lace hides the collage behind my eyes
Non-white doves, pearls of the sea, keep track of corroding time
Shelter me from decay while I stroll past the evening fires
My heart falls fast as I inhale the vapors of an old love's mire
Feel the acid burn and the rotting minds expire. Lucid ghosts of past
towering the woes ever higher. Autumnal red cloaks and choir's whisper
as I brilliantly stride past the carnival of souls in the here after.
Is this the code I've waited for, painted with rain in the monolith
garden of the Enchantress? Obsidian wraith taste my tears while
the curve of the moon, that cursed glass, sours my ancient flesh.
Place your silken arms around my neck and cast your mist across
the pond to revel in the dragons' breath. Chant the dead language
you almost forgotten and initiate the blood-letting proper. Jaded
eyes have gazed at myriads of time and your lack of answers and
knowledge shows apathy that sends shivers down my godless spine.

Fallen Engel

Fallen Engel

Who am I on this path but a fallen angel in the shadows of the night...
Fallen Engel

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