End of Refugee Rainbow, sonnet by Sultana Raza at Spillwords.com

End of Refugee Rainbow

End of Refugee Rainbow

written by: Sultana Raza


Rode endlessly admin’s merry-go-round,

Eternally waited for the case to be resolved.

For weren’t they like beggars, in desperate straits?

Until they were admitted, or refused on thin grounds.

Government policies? Or puzzles to be solved?

Elected officials could bend rules of State.

Eager for new homes, hopes got revived,

Shocked and awed by senseless crimes,

Hid, ran, starved and somehow survived,

Ended up faraway, escaped war grime.

Left to scramble in refugee camps,

Till their stories were reduced by bureaucrats,

Etched on cold sheets; they lived like tramps.

Rounding off their numbers are uncaring stats.

Suffering from nostalgia, and PTSD,

Roved, ran, rowed, for exhausting miles.

Under flimsy tent found a friend overseas,

Not much can replace a welcoming smile.

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