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Endless Love

Endless Love

written by: Arnab Kumar Roy



My love has found expression in countless forms, countless flames of candles…
My dreams have grown as a flower in the shade of your hand,
Through the veins of my hopes your blood runs.
In the darkest room of my heart,
You have emerged as a pole-star piercing the dark.

My spirit has danced to the tunes of your smile,
Crystals of love have rained from the sky of your heart quenching my unending thirst.
My love has grown and re-grown shaping your universe,
You are the butterfly, which spreads its wings coloring my life.

In the colors of rainbows, I have drawn and redrawn your face in pages of my heart,
In the garden of your heart, I have grown as a rose spreading the fragrance of love.
You have breathed life into my heart,
Ageless time can never take us apart,
My love for you is forever, my beloved!

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