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Erase Me

written by: R William Standish


Let your love for me be nothing more than a memory worth living for
a used to wait and see a bond so true it would have to be
the light you shine helps define me
a safer place I could never be

A happy time of pretend share our pain that hand of a friend
places seen and dreams without end
I have paid so little to enjoy so much
the simplest things and the warmth of your touch
you can take me places with the words you choose
ghost me for a moment and I fear to lose

A limitless journey that starts with you
is given strength when one heart beats for two
and seeks the essence of you
to share in the true value of what love can do
I can share your fear it becomes mine as well
you bring out the best in me and the stories I tell
we arrive here broken and every time I fell
you were there to mend me because they became your wounds as well

You are never alone and stronger today
because the feelings I had before continuing this way
the truth is the truth and will continue this way
a hand takes a heart and you will forever stay
a part of the better person I am every day

I take what you gave and will give you much more
I am a shadow for you, and for your life I adore
the one that you are, the one you will be
till death do we part, then please

erase me

R William Standish

R William Standish

Robert is an aspiring writer and devoted father of three. After several years in the film and television industry in Canada, he has had the chance to meet some amazing people, travel and experience things, not for normal consumption. As a camera assistant and operator he has been in the line of fire on many occasions and inside explosions and crashes, just to name a few incredible opportunities. “Chalk Outline These Thoughts", 1 and 2, and a fiction novel, “The Secrets Men Keep”, most recently the creator of a collection of poetry entitled “The Passion Hidden Within” (Amazon and Kindle). I have found most recent success with having three poems published on Terror House Magazine and soon a short fiction story will be published in February, it is my hope to extend and expand my exposure and develop as many relationships as I can. Now transitioning into a creative writer who has self-published four works, and counting, Robert is setting his sights on the next project.
R William Standish

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