Eternal Flames, a poem by Eva Marie Cagley at
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Eternal Flames

Eternal Flames

written by: Eva Marie Cagley



Emotions electrifying my heart, soul, and mind.
Fantasy or reality?
Inside lost and abandoned,
Wearing the heart like a stone thrown
Breaking into pebbles.
Thundering down an endless glimmering clear stream.
Cutting through the lies and eternity of feelings and emotions.
Searching for peace within my soul
Thirsting for your touch that lingers still
Upon my warm velvety flesh
Like a thanksgiving meal.
A game left to play earning trust
Your friendship within my grasp.

Drifting through ages of time and rhyme
Reading the book of knowledge
To unlock my soul’s desires.
Forever tasting my sanity
Like burnt gravy…
Trusting no one
feeling forgotten within my own shell.
Longing for the compassion
Of your friendship to come my way

Unlocking the channels of my heart, mind, and soul
Desires bring me hopes of tomorrows promises.
Staying in the moment
Exploring the faucets of loves empowerment
Needs driven from deep within the wishing well
Playing upon the words searching for purpose, meaning
Driving us deeper into the abyss of our souls
Eternal flames!

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