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Evening Comes Softly

written by: Mark Scrivener



Evening comes softly,
Softly gliding,
Gliding dusky darkness
Over the earth.

Evening comes softly,
Softly smoothing,
Smoothing clear day-shapes
Into the night.

Evening comes softly,
Softly lulling,
Lulling slow thought
Into dream flow.

Evening comes softly,
Softly singing,
Singing far secrets
Of the star silence.

Mark Scrivener

Mark Scrivener

I live in the country near Lismore on the Northern Rivers region in New South Wales, Australia.
Born many decades ago in Sydney, I have had many poems published in magazines and newspapers over the years and a few verse plays performed. I have also had verse riddles and brainteasers published in papers on a regular basis for over a decade.
Mark Scrivener

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