Evidence of Being Alive, poetry written by Mayumi Yamamoto at Spillwords.com

Evidence of Being Alive

Evidence of Being Alive

written by: Mayumi Yamamoto


Whenever I read those poems about the lady
I feel an ache due to my jealousy
although I understand that
it’s over before
we met.

I topple the windmills of my imagination
Because your name forever stays
with those poems

Their beauty never fades away.
Your adoration lasts even
after your death.

The poems are crystal clear and pure like water flowing
in the river, through which colourful pebbles
in a riverbed are visible
to my eyes.

Suffering from my hopeless jealousy, I still feel a relief
knowing that my love for you remains passionate
its flickering flames I don’t want to extinguish
until my death, consistently.

I have a feeling that you would
be the last lover
in my life.

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