Evil's Machine written by TM Arko at Spillwords.com

Evil’s Machine

Evil’s Machine

written by: TM Arko



Built ages ago
With several parts
The left and right media
That serve to polarize
The talking heads who
The labelers stamping you and me
This side and that
You go there and you go here
You will never be one
You can never be free
The machine marches forward
Pumping the opium
Spreading the illusion
Of sane insanity
Supremacy, degeneracy
Democracy and tyranny
Hearts torn like the fabric
On a bloodstained forsaken flag
Feeding orphaned children
The gruel of hypocrisy and forgetfulness
Fascism, Imperialism
Collectivism, Capitalism
Everything is the same
Yet the machine marches on
Screaming, singing
Lulling us into
Until we burn ourselves with every fire we start
Inflated egos, uncontrolled Eros
Communism and materialism
The machine paints the streets with the blood
Of innocent soldiers
Their buried bones that fertilize
The gardens of greed and injustice
Evil roams like the spirit of death
Down the streets of Goshen
Stirring the Phoenix ashes
Until nothing rises
Close the doors of your good earth
Shut your ears
Lock your windows and doors
Pour the last drops of humanity over your houses
Be here now
Run from the demons of the past
Close your eyes to the nightmares of the future
Built on Bullshit Avenue
You might recognize it
False peace fake release
Rotten tooth smiles of the
Phony philanthropist
So, raise the banner of love
Look into the eyes of an infant
Listen to the laughter in the fields
Shelter yourselves at the river of souls
The blood in your veins
The thoughts in your brain
Are your only weapons
When you feel the pain and speak the truth
The machine dies
And real equality is born



Love is why we are all here. Stop the machine.

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