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written by: jamshe


I’m sorry I did not die
In a fiery high speed crash
Or starve to death in a filthy alley
When I finally ran out of cash

I’m sorry I’m not the victim
Of an assault late at night
Gasping for my last breath
In the pale moonlight

I’m sorry I wasn’t run down
By a speeding drunken fool
You could have congratulated them
On removing this useless tool

I’m sorry to have to tell you
That I’m alive and well
And not screaming and writhing
Deep in the bowels of hell

I’m sorry I wasn’t dragged under
By the thing that lives in the bay
So you and your friends
Could enjoy the summer’s day

I’m sorry I did not fall
Into the rocky abyss
So you could be comforted
By my last bitter kiss

And I really am sorry
For all your angst and pain
I’d really hoped you’d managed
To see your life regain

But alas your anger eats you
It leaves you worn and raw
And I fear that you will never be
As you were before.



I am a poet and short story writer. My occupation is counsellor and I am the Clinical Director for a charity. I am 67 years old and have written all my life but never had the confidence to publish.

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