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Exchange Of Views

Exchange Of Views

written by: Paul Anthony Obey



The pugilists anticipate the glory to come,
Cheer on the elite in our midst,
Misunderstanding of meaning, words cumbersome,
Just numbers, on some very cruel list,

If I hear all your hatred, will you list my concerns?
Or ignore us, for you have the power,
Shall we talk and not listen, so nobody learns,
Or gain fortune, undeserving, world over,

One day, power will be ours, you will listen to us then?
If big business hasn’t corrupted us fully,
Brought to justice in time by the power of the pen,
Understand, the mob labelled unruly,

If only they got it, in so many words,
That the rulers will fight tooth and nail,
Preserve what they have from the maddening herds,
Salacious desire and greed will prevail.

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