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written by: Aparna Reddy



“To know what you are”
searching for the beginning –
unravelling this existence
the mind set on a journey
guide my navigation
the gasping spirit travelled
to the East-“breathe calmly”
a wise voice inside beckoned
the Sylphs danced all around
the calmness in a voice still
heart beats in anticipation
What I see
What I breathe
What I stand on
What I feel
What I think
there is me there
I am therefore
a part of the universe
I come from there
I go back there
the earth holds me
till my time comes
the flames take me
upward into the air
I come back as water
to behold this earth again
the circles connect
I can now define:
I know I exist
in all these realms


© Midnighthues Poetry

Aparna Reddy

Aparna Reddy

Aparna Reddy is an educator and poet, based in California, USA. Writing poetry is her hobby and she enjoys writing in verse anything that touches her heart. As a busy professional and mother, writing poetry has helped her in meditating and relaxing. She believes reading and writing poetry is cathartic. She thinks contemplation is a great exercise for the mind: It connects the intangible mind with the tangible outside world. This connection, if genuine can produce great insights about our lives and the world around us. Some of her poems have been published in online literary magazines such as Muse India and Spillwords Press.
Aparna Reddy

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