Fading Autumn, a poem by Ingrid Wilson at Spillwords.com
Remi Skatulski

Fading Autumn

Fading Autumn

written by: Ingrid Wilson



I cannot wear this Fading Autumn on my skin
reminding me of all that might have been
a sigh, a hope, a vision and a dream
all gone, one fateful morn
and I’m alone.

Scent of that Fading Autumn on the air
back when I had a chance to meet you there
now I can only find you in the night
when waking thoughts
take flight.

I cannot wear this Fading Autumn anymore
nor can I bear to live in days gone by:
the dream is done, we’re poles apart
~ yes we are, you and I ~
this race is lost
and won.

But let me breathe this Fading Autumn in the rain
as through the mists you came
and waved and smiled.
I doubt that I shall see that smile
this Fading Autumn lingers
all the while.

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