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Failure For All To See

Failure For All To See

written by: devereaux frazier



I walk the streets at night
Alone, with blood on the tip of my tongue
I bit it again, anxious and aware
Of the darkness surrounding me
The muses I date are the images
I try to be
I bite the bullet and walk right through it
Now I’m empty again with nothing to show for it
Spilling white ink onto empty pages
I craft a heart and soul for the faceless
Breath and bones for the nameless
Blood and mind for the precious
One I call poetry
Defeating me and restoring you
All in a night’s work
Hiding in the close corners
Of a shadow-boxed city
Lying under bridges holding cardboard
Waiting for you to forgive me
I’m homeless in a mansion of words
Thirsty beside the waters of a life
That keeps on giving
Quitting would have been easier
Less expensive
But ironically more shameful
Because in ending, I give no second chance
And who am I to alter his plans
Trudging the barren lands stripped by man
Garments thrown aside in ravenous desire
Taking all from the virgin
He is left nothing, but rebellious children
And a divorcee
I gain no honor in baring the truth
Because I am just like you, without a single clue
As to what this all means
watch the skies, dark and dreary
The comets are children eyes, so weary
At watching night and day
Without any guidance but to pray
An existence without limits
Is the story I just cannot finish
These words are my failures
For you all
To witness

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