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written by: Zanka Zana Bošković Coven


I believe
The sun will heal
And cold will disappear in front
Of light

I believe
The sound of the wind
Will cleanse our hearts
And fill them
With new air of

I believe
Will open its arms
And embrace us
Like a mother hugging
Her children

I believe
the fresh mountain spring
Will give us all
New drops of purification
To clean all impurities
We kept
In ourselves

I believe
The new day will come
In which the man will open
His eyes and recognise
What is real happiness
Where every child
Will be the child of all
And bread will lavish
For all

I believe
The new humanity
Will raise from sceneries
Of broken old world
And will sprout
New germs of justice
For the sky and

I believe

Zana Coven

Zana Coven

Zana Coven (Zanka Zana Bošković Coven) was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina, former Yugoslavia. She passed her childhood there and studied English language and literature. After graduation she moved to Belgrade to study Spanish and Italian and than moved to Italy for further studies. Apart of languages she also studied sax and later on the Academy of Art Brera in Milano, artefici department. She worked as a translator, teacher, coordinator and supervised cultural projects for many years. Her activities spreading from music to art, from painting to literature. As a painter she had several exhibitions around Italy and Spain but her favourite exhibition was in 2017 in Široki Brijeg, Bosnia Herzegovina, dedicated to her parents. Apart of music and painting, her third love is literature. She writes poetry, haiku, short stories, travel books in English, Spanish, Italian and Croatian. She wrote 4 books of poetry and has received many international prizes, among them the special prize of Italian literature critics in Milano, The Golden pen in Uzbekistan, first prize for haiku in European championship in Romania, the second prize for short stories in Serbia, special prizes in Dante Alighieri society in Rome and Galarate, Italy. She works and lives between Italy and Spain, Milano and Barcelona.
Zana Coven

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