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Ben White



written by: Zanka Zana Bošković Coven


I believe
The sun will heal
And cold will disappear in front
Of light

I believe
The sound of the wind
Will cleanse our hearts
And fill them
With new air of

I believe
Will open its arms
And embrace us
Like a mother hugging
Her children

I believe
the fresh mountain spring
Will give us all
New drops of purification
To clean all impurities
We kept
In ourselves

I believe
The new day will come
In which the man will open
His eyes and recognise
What is real happiness
Where every child
Will be the child of all
And bread will lavish
For all

I believe
The new humanity
Will raise from sceneries
Of broken old world
And will sprout
New germs of justice
For the sky and

I believe

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