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written by: Mitch Bensel




the snow came today…
and with it came my thoughts of time
my children I will see soon…
with their children…

the snow came today.. but it was more than white
the colors were brilliant yellows.. reds and greens
I smiled at how the snow made everything glow…

they walked through the door
you know how a tree is alive with lights
on Christmas morn.. well my life
my soul and my heart…
bristled with excitement…
and in that moment.. my world turned

my dad was near
my mom smiled … 
my brothers my sisters ran around
wild.. the presents were opened
the laughter was pure.. colors once more
of happy and shine.. the glistening of the light
…the love…
the snow came today…
on my Christmas…
and brought with it
the purest of joy.. the brightest of moments…
whispers of love from the past
… with the vibrance of love … today

Mitch Bensel

Mitch Bensel

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Mitch Bensel

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