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Feel Again

written by: Trisha Verma


My heart starts to feel again,
A heaviness of an uncertain type,
One that I never felt before
Or it was maybe this same feeling
That let me shut down for a start...
My words, I'd utter in a million ways...
But they always lacked something
Maybe a rhythm, a muse, maybe a rhyme...
I was never a singer,
To reach out to the world in which I live.
A ray of hope still lay lit
Showed up upon me from time to time...
But this feeling again, it feels like a crime
It gives me butterflies and then makes me cry,
It pumps up my heart but then leaves me dry...
And no matter how hard I try
To leave it all behind
my heart
It starts to feel again.

Trisha Verma

Trisha Verma

I love to play around with words and express what I deeply feel in and around my life through poetry. Writing poems gives me a relief and some sort of an escape from the world, even though at some points they might be directly attacking the real life, they are the best forms of my expression:) I'm 20 years old and an under graduate student still waiting to enter into the real world and love to gain new experiences and learn from them.
Trisha Verma

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