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Feelings Vs. My Heart’s Intuition

Feelings Vs. My Heart’s Intuition

written by: Beloved Poet



I hate the fact that I feel.
And when I don’t, I can’t unreal…
The rope that’s tied between us two
It doesn’t make sense to think of you

And when I’m near or when I’m far
It doesn’t matter who we are
Because we may be and do what we want
But we will always doubt…

What is to come and what was there
And what we did and didn’t share
And what we have and what we don’t
That piece of cake we can’t have and won’t.

A line that’s drawn that comes alive
And there’s nothing there to despise
And if it wants, just let it be
And let it live so you can see

That even though it was not straight,
The end you reached but still could hate
And some may look back and see it bent
And feel that though you reached the end
The journey itself had no effect on you
And that is where they’re wrong and judge too

Because they feel they know.
What love is?

We come and go, we dine and dance
We might as well had gone to France
But when it’s true and colours blend
We can see what can and cannot mend

And when we know and open our eyes
We see your peacock feathers fly
They open out, wide and far
The truth we see of who you are
Cause it was just a peek.

Then we say that we were wrong
And maybe we were all just spellbound
And then we know what infatuation is
Because it is then we learn to live.

Not trusting what is or isn’t there
Because no one or nothing can compare
Even with the future or the past
But then that way of thinking cannot last.

It comes to us, we are drawn to it
And in that fact we all must miss
And get punctured,
A hit and run, which just isn’t any fun
To lie there dying
No one caring
Just relying…

On our heart’s intuition
An unreal suspicion
A feeling, a thought…
That things that are wrought
In the end, don’t matter.©



It was initially just a continuous long paragraph of ramblings with lots of ands and dot dot dots … It was written by me in 2007 my younger self i.e and I edited it into a poem.

It addressed so many things that I had a hard time naming it. I was in between I hate how I feel/ Roads Untravelled & well the one I finally decided upon.

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