Feminist Point: Only Women Apologise For Not Sparkling by J.Ahlberg at Spillwords.com

Feminist Point: Only Women Apologise For Not Sparkling

Feminist point: only women apologise for not sparkling

written by: J.Ahlberg



You are not morally obliged to sparkle

Nor are you obligated to twinkle.

It is not a requirement that you glitter

Or unlit if you’re not fit or

Firm or, slim or, conforming to the normal

Expectations of the man that splains

Your pain, in not being able to all the time

Shine and win them all with your dazzling

Bright, oh so brilliant and wonder woman

Spangled, kick ass and empowered

Sorry not sorry, feeling flat

What’s so wrong with that

Lack. Of nice, girl, sparkle.



NOVEMBER 2018 AUTHOR OF THE MONTH at Spillwords.com
Jo is an academic researcher in the philosophy of Imagination. She has several jobs which include: university lecturer in philosophy, GCSE English teacher and a "jobbing" writer - writing commissions from multimillion pound international bids to annoying cliched flyers. In her spare time, she is walked by the dog, organised by the kids and validated by her husband.

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