Final Edit, poetry written by Roger Hare at
Julienne Erika Alviar

Final Edit

Final Edit

written by: Roger Hare



Some scientists, absorbed in their task,
test potions on themselves;
a behaviour used by the Big Screen
in scenes of heightened horror
as the soundtrack swells and a white-coat
self-injects their flesh or steps
inside an intrepid contraption.

A Poet’s habit
is to administer adventures
inward first; take
their own medicine and
for transformation
and side-effects.
The possibility of surprise
is such welcome relief
from all that second-guessing of self.

If hair grows in unexpected places
or certain faculties are lost
then a long walk, a hot bath, a
few glasses of wine, an
inexplicable movie, the
arms of a lover or
the faithful, deep gaze
of a long-suffering Hound

usually does the trick.

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