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written by: Roger Hare



Some scientists, absorbed in their task,
test potions on themselves;
a behaviour used by the Big Screen
in scenes of heightened horror
as the soundtrack swells and a white-coat
self-injects their flesh or steps
inside an intrepid contraption.

A Poet’s habit
is to administer adventures
inward first; take
their own medicine and
for transformation
and side-effects.
The possibility of surprise
is such welcome relief
from all that second-guessing of self.

If hair grows in unexpected places
or certain faculties are lost
then a long walk, a hot bath, a
few glasses of wine, an
inexplicable movie, the
arms of a lover or
the faithful, deep gaze
of a long-suffering Hound

usually does the trick.

Roger Hare

Roger Hare

After a midlife rediscovery of creative pursuits I’ve been making up for lost time, giving rein to an interest in photographing things that draw my attention and putting pen to paper poetically. My inspiration is largely drawn from the historical, geological, biological & sociological layers in the world around us.
Roger Hare

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