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Finding Love Through The Debris

written by: Karen Hayward



And then it settled back down,
Like some unknown hunger
had been sated
or a thirst I'll never understand was quenched
and in that moment
I felt my soul as a separate entity
from my body
and the how's and the why's
were laced in a clarity
that the human mind cannot decipher
so I didn't try to
some things need to be felt to be trusted
and that's how I knew
I guess that's the answer to the infamous
"How did you know it was love?"
As for the 'When' that's a tale for another day

Karen Hayward

Karen Hayward

An Essex writer, Karen Hayward, has been exploring the world through poetry for over eight years. With a strong presence across social media platforms and within the poetry communities Karen has developed a powerful voice within her writing. Having previously owned a large, active poetry community she has acquired a global depth of knowledge that enriches her English degree and life experience. An avid believer that boundaries are built to be climbed, Karen is continuously looking for fresh, eclectic ways to explore the intrinsic truths of the experience of being human in the modern world. Aside from writing Karen enjoys misty mornings, photography, crafting with her hands, being bare foot, a fierce tide and forgotten tales of mythology.
Karen Hayward

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