First Sight, poetry written by Suze_Speaks at
Julian Myles

First Sight

First Sight

written by: Suze.M.Gray


She looked up as she saw him enter the room.
In reality, it was more a feeling than anything else.
Handsome, with an amazing smile.
His sad eyes watched her from across the room.
She wondered about him.
Who was he? Did she know him?
She noticed that the women in the room were trying to get him to stop and talk to them, but he kept walking as though he was on a mission.
She was walking faster around the room, trying to stay away from him.
She finally got to the door and kept walking when she realized it was her he was trying to reach.
She walked out the door and down the steps
As he came through the door, he saw her get into a cab and drive away.
Will he ever find her again??

… be continued

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