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Five Years

written by: Amanda N. Butler



Five years and I still have to
remember how to heal, five years
and I have to remind myself
to turn on my heel and
stay without entertaining the
thought of running away
even though daydreams
were all I had to sustain me
for all those years -
but now it’s been five years
and your voice is my anchor
the worst is behind me,
high tide on goodbye shore -
five winters took me
to a whole new place -
and it took five summers to
finally feel safe.

Amanda N. Butler

Amanda N. Butler

Amanda N. Butler is the author of chapbooks Bot(ship)tle (Dancing Girl Press, 2019), effercrescent (Dancing Girl Press, 2017), Tableau Vivant (Dancing Girl Press, 2015) and microchapbook How A Fairy Gets Her Wings (Origami Poems Project, 2018). Her poems have been published in Hedgerow, Nu Lit House, Leaves of Ink, and other presses and anthologies. She is the third Poet Laureate of Oldsmar, FL.
Amanda N. Butler

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