FLEEING REALMS OF FALSIFICATION by Allan Kayira at Spillwords.com



written by: Allan Kayiira



I want to cut myself to sleep;

And lie in my crimson bed forever.
Lie and unsock my skin from the red of my within.

To lie upon truth and learn of its tools.
To deny my bed of lies from tallying with preconceptions of mine.
To perceive the facts of life true.

Yet be accursed not, lost not in mysteries of fact.

And upon history’s gates my world shall paint me shamed no more.

No, not,
distorted in the norm of reality.

I want to cut myself to sleep,
See as tomorrow,
I bleed no more in realms of falsification.

Allan kayiira

Allan kayiira

I am Alan kayira, an East African from Uganda.

I am besides poet a finance graduate and insurer.

Poetry is my muse and has always been my hindsight intrigue for writing. I love words for they are foundation of every sentient beings basis of communication. Always have been, be it prose or poetry.

Am also mused by how timeless life blossoms be here on earth or far in the cosmic. I think our lives are but journeys, and what better way to write the stories thereof.
Allan kayiira

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