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written by: Violet Tudor



I slip into your veins like
water cutting through rock.
Slowly permeating, washing away
the silt of your inhibitions and
gently turning from a trickle
to a flow. Like a river brushing
against its banks. I ride the waves of
your blood until it is me that feeds
your hunger, that quenches your thirst,
that becomes your sustenance. The
only need for your existence.
Overflowing, you close your eyes
and immerse yourself in the desire.
The tingle quaking through your flesh,
the rise that aches to overflow. You
drown yourself in the waterfall of
..and I, I become the flow.

Violet Tudor

Violet Tudor

Violet — the moth-soft flower blooming amidst the thorns ensconcing her fragile heart. The notes of a forgotten melody slipping across time.
Violet Tudor, English poetess slipping from 'Panic Spring' moments to become the creator of Petal Sighs, The Sadness and the Softness, The Persephone Quintet, and the Coffee Fueled Moments series.
Violet Tudor

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