Fluid Lines, a poem written by Navin Manik at Spillwords.com

Fluid Lines

Fluid Lines

written by: Navin Manik


The empty space that purely shines
The clouds vaporize the deeper sky
The heart is Universe’s loving child
The beats are airing the blazing fire

No game to play by rolling the dice
No armour-sword to protect & slice
No story to hold coz there’s no point
No blame or guilt can pain my I

The now is glowing the simple signs
Truth & raw are my intense lights
Black & white is my intuitive choice
The falls are to weather the inside

The golden symbol I’ve just put aside
The white ring I then carefully eye
The nothingness I wear is dragon size
The path dissolves this very time

The silence in my breathing windpipe
The heat of this frozen thick ice
The drops form my poetic fluid lines
The flow rivers my transparent rhyme

Dying once again to reset my life
The new state is staging the wise
The freedom I grip is peace on a vice
Accepting my present is truly divine

Navin Manik

Navin Manik

In late 2017, Navin felt this need to write a poem as he had an opening in him. Something had changed deep down, where Navin came in contact with the very being. Self-realization, experiences, raw emotions & some other dimensions is what Navin shares through his poetic creations. Poetry is Navin's passion, which has this great therapeutic effect on him as well. To Navin, darkness & light are equally important, just like the significance of yin-yang, black & white. It's the Universe within oneself. Navin lives in Denmark. You can find more of his work at Navin's Poetry.
Navin Manik

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