For Captain Ahab, a poem by Maciej Pająk (Matthew) at
Zoltan Tasi

For Captain Ahab

For Captain Ahab

written by: Maciej Pająk (Matthew)


Your act is against nature and God
Your heart is made of stones
The whale you want to see in blood
Is huge and white like bones

The smile you had, once in the past
Is lost forever in salty tears
The whale you chase in the ocean vast
Is smart and has no fears

Extremely bold is all your crew
Ishmael, Starbuck and wild harpooners
But when your madness became the truth
They’re no more sailors- they are marooners

Where are you going with wooden leg?
Reverse the ship, still is a chance
The sadness spreads on the ship’s deck
Because of your with Moby dance!

You are not listening- we’ll soon be dead
The ocean ghosts left Pequod’s chest
The self-made coffins, the coming threat
On the sea bottom we’ll have to rest

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