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written by: Patrick Doran


No one knows the person
behind the words that I write,
he is a stranger to me
until he appears late at night.

Lying awake I hear a voice
letting me know how I should feel
and in that moment for once
everything seems real.

No longer do I hide behind
the questions I want to ask,
I feel braver and think
I am up for any task.

But this person doesn’t
hang around for long
and soon enough
everything starts to go wrong.

I retreat back into
this world I have created,
where I read the words
and immediately feel deflated,

for there in the words
that I’ve written
are all the things I’d like to
say but I know are forbidden.

Patrick Doran

Patrick Doran

Pat Doran was a truck driver for over thirty years. He found himself used to the solitude of the open roads and the long hours. During these years he would think up little stories and often poems to help pass away the time. Then after an illness which prevented him from working he started to write his thoughts and ideas down. Two years later he has published three books of poetry, The 50 Year Old Poet, Gentle Soul and most recently Beautiful Sky. As well as writing his fourth collection he's currently working on a book of short stories. Pat lives in Enniscorthy which is situated in the south east of Ireland.
Patrick Doran

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